Get on the Water

Stand Up Paddleboarding (SUP) is the fastest growing water sport in the world. It’s a great way to get on the water and have fun while increasing balance, coordination, core stability, strength, and endurance. Plus, it’s an outdoor activity the whole family will enjoy!


Lessons & Clinics

We offer “stand up” and certified instruction, bringing our background of core stabilization, postural alignment, energy direction and breath into our quality paddling lessons, teaching all experience levels and ages to paddle safely, efficiently, and with proper technique, ensuring a pleasurable and successful experience every time!


Private and Group Lessons

Private lessons include all the gear you’ll need and are typically 75 minutes long.  We tailor your experience to your desired location (or we can suggest a great destination near you), goals, and schedule.


Focused on specialized training and technique to further your skill sets in a group setting. Covering topics like Buoy Turn Basics, iPaddle Intermediate SUP technique, Body Dialogue Yoga and more.

Lesson & Clinic Rates

Private Lesson: $80
Semi-Private Lesson (2-5 ppl): $65/each
Large Group Lesson (6-15 ppl): $55/each
BYOBoard (instruction only) – discounted by $15/each

Clinic Rates: Starting as low as $25. View our calendar for clinic schedule.


Clinic Descriptions

Was’SUP?! – Beginner level

If you have never paddleboarded before, this is the class for you. Learn the FUNdamentals of SUP, we will teach you all the safety and paddling tools you need to start spreading the SUP love on your own!

iPaddle – Intermediate Level

Already know the basics of SUP and want to take it to the next level? We’ll teach you things like:

  • Effective postural alignment and efficient biomechanics (paddle faster and longer without pain)
  • Paddle Training Preparation & Restoration (warm up, cool down, stretching)
  • Intermediate stroke technique & breakdown
  • Cross bow turns
  • Paddle Feathering & Bracing
  • Intermediate maneuvering/tracking technique, and much more!

We recommend completing the Was’SUP?! clinic for beginners before signing up for iPaddle.

 SUProgression – Advanced Levels

Learn intermediate-advanced paddling techniques to further your skill set, speed, and efficiency for your own personal progress or enhanced performance on the racing circuit or distance paddles. These techniques will also help prevent over-use injuries for the "chronic paddler". 

  • Buoy/Pivot turns & Nose Spins
  • Alternate Advanced Stroke Techniques (i.e. choke stroke, surf stance draw/j-stroke, etc.), when/why to use them
  • Advanced Body Weight Steering
  • Paddle Training Drills
  • Drafting (etiquette, strategy, how-to)
  • Group Starts & Race Line-Up Strategy
  • Individual Video Stroke Analysis, & more!

We recommend completing our Was’SUP?! beginners and iPaddle intermediate clinics prior to participating in SUProgression.

SUP X-Games – All Levels

Turn your competitive spirit up a notch or 2, X-Games style! Fun contests such as Tandem Challenge, Battle of the Paddle, Tug of War, Relays, King and Queen of the Beach, and more are sure to crank out the good times at special events, parties, and team building activities.

Bala Tula & SUP Yoga – All Levels

Paddle to a fluid destination, surrounded by nature where connection to your universe takes on a whole new meaning. Align your body, mind and spirit with an energetically rich practice, taking balance challenge to the next level, all while maintaining integrity through Body Dialogue principles of breath, core stabilization and energy direction. 

Created by and unique to Wave of Wellness, Bala Tula combines intervals of SUP, Yoga, Pilates, Budokon & body weight exercises for a fun and invigorating total body challenge! If you’re looking for something new to spice up your fitness routine, or even your day off, this cutting-edge class is for you!

We recommend completing our Was’SUP?! beginner course first to get comfortable and familiar with paddleboarding before taking our SUP yoga classes

Visit our Yoga page for more information.


The clinic was well worth the drove over from the coast! Jessica is an amazing educator even though you are in a group clinic she still works with everyone one on one. I now have a better understanding of what I was doing wrong and have the techniques to practice on land and water. If you want to take SUP to the next level this clinic is a must for you! I look forward to the next one I can attend. Thank you!!
— Ron, Cocoa Beach, FL
What a refreshing and intimate feel!! I love the paddle board classes, can’t wait to have a Tuesday off to go to Paddle Race Tuesdays!!
— Shainna Bryson, Orlando, FL
This was an excellent class. I look forward to attending more! Thanks, Jessica!
— Lynne, Orlando, FL
Great class – Jessica provides you with plenty of techniques on stroke, turns, biomechanics, pre-paddle stretches, and techniques to avoid injury and increase your paddling efficiency and help you get to your next level. Jessica does a great job putting together and delivering all of this information and practical training for us!
— Alex, Orlando, FL