A Cultural Adventure

Limestone cliffs meet emerald green waters and welcome you to a visual experience unique to only the shores of Southern Thailand. None of the 5 senses will get left behind on this adventure. The magic engulfs you and you are sure to be flying high for the rest of the year. Let's go to Thailand!


Tour Details

Date: January 12-26, 2019
Location: Southern Thailand including Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Railay Beach and Koh Lanta. 
Tour Size: Up to 10 people
Pricing: From $2854
(See pricing info below)

This Thailand adventure is organized by Flow World Travel and led by Jessica Cichra.  Have some questions before you jump in head first? Or are you ready to dive right in? E-mail us or fill out a reservation request form by clicking one of the buttons below. For reservations, once we receive your request, we will contact you to confirm and go over all the details. We can't wait to hear from you!


Activities Included

Our exploration of Southern Thailand will include stays in Bangkok, Koh Tao, Koh Samui, Railay Beach and Koh Lanta.  We will see a lot and bounce around a lot stopping just long enough in each location to experience the best features of the area. You may not remember where we are going tomorrow or where we just came from but that is why you have us! We have all of the logistics planned out so you can spend more time with your feet in the sand and less time planning how to get there. We have also planned out our days so there is plenty of time for rest and relaxation between adventures and travel. The last few days of our trip will be spent in a blissful recovery state on quiet Koh Lanta giving you hours upon hours to stare at the ocean, nap in a hammock and fill your memory bank full of the beauty of Thailand. 


BBQ Sunset Dinner On Outer Islands: We will take a private chartered boat for a full day tour of the Hong islands off the coast of Krabi. After exploring, swimming, snorkeling and paddling in hidden lagoons and beaches, our guides cook us a BBQ feast on the shores of the last island just as the sun begins to set. It's amazing!

Zip Lining Koh Samui - A favorite on every trip, the zip lines of Koh Samui offer a thrill ride through the jungle canopy sure to get your adrenaline pumping. This is also a great team building activity as you work together to climb, balance and fly your way through the course! 

Private Speed Boat Snorkeling & Watersports Tour Of Koh Tao: With a boat faster than the typical long tail boats taken by most tourists we will see more of this tropical paradise than the average traveler. We also have the luxury of getting to locations before other tour boats and staying longer while there. The day is full of snorkeling in multiple locations and touring around the island and will be finished off with a water sports session in paradise! You will have the option to try tubing, wakeboarding or water skiing.  All in the crystal blue waters of Thailand! Snacks, fruit, water and beer are included on this trip. 

A Day On Nang Yuan Island: Oh how the beauty will amaze you. Setting off from the shore of Koh Tao island, we will paddle and circumnavigate Nang Yuan island before stopping on it to rest and relax. While there we hike to the top of the island to take in yet another amazing view. The huge perk of paddling to Nang Yuan is we get to stay there long after the tour boats depart. By sunset the beach that was once filled with multiples of people will be completely empty and another WOW experience awaits you. This is when the bliss is turned on and we paddle back with the glow of the sun dropping just below the horizon. 

Rock Climbing Railay Beach - Railay beach is down right beautiful and we will see parts of it only accessible through our special local connections. There are many options for various skill levels so the beginner can try your hand on a simple assent while the more adventurous can take on assents to top peaks sure to challenge any climber. After getting our feet under us and learning the basics we will hike into a cave and climb up to an overlook of iconic Railay Beach. Get your camera ready! What's next is about to be one of the coolest experiences of your life! See pictures below. For those not wanting to rock climb, Railay beach is a destination in itself and you can choose to relax, paddle and soak it up in any form you like. Or ...do it all!

Scooter Tour - When in Thailand you MUST do as the locals do and take a scooter for a spin. Riding scooters is the standard means of transportation in Thailand. In some places such as Bangkok it's pure madness. However in the right location it's pure fun and relaxing. During our visit to the low key island of Koh Lanta we will grab some scooters of our own and tour the best of the island including secluded cafes on the beach, stunning overlooks and remote beaches. Koh Lanta is the perfect place to take in a scooter ride as the traffic levels are minimal and views are amazing.

Organized Yet Free - These planned activities are just the tip of the iceberg. You will have a chance to experience so much more of Thailand in non planned activities should you choose. Shop and eat at local markets, dine on the amazing street food, get a Thai massage on the beach, take a relaxing paddle on your own, hike a mountain for sunset or sunrise, try the local Thai coffee or breakfast porridge, participate in a beach clean up, take a yoga class, take a cooking class or go full wild and experience the famous lady boy cabaret. It's your vacation! Create the magic that best suits you!


Thailand can be quite affordable to travel in and we take full advantage of that. However, we don't stay in cheap backpacker locations. Our accommodations are carefully selected to ensure you have your own little paradise to come home to after a full day of adventure. While each temporary home along our adventure has it's own unique character, they are all in the best locations with amazing views and very comfy rooms. Nearly all of them are on the beach or just feet from it. Morning coffee is served up with a view and you will always have a sanctuary to rest your head at night.



Private Room King Bed - $3744                  Shared Room Twin Beds - $2854

What's Included:

  • 14 Nights In Upscale Accommodations
  • 3 Inter Island Flights
  • 3 Inter Island Ferry Rides
  • 9 Taxi Transfers From Hotels to Airports & Ferries
  • Breakfast Daily
  • Nightlife Tour of Khao San Road, Bangkok
  • Self Guided Tour of Golden Palace, Golden Mount & Reclining Buddha Temples 
  • Paddle Tour Of Nang Yuan Island on Koh Tao
  • Hike to Top of Nang Yuan Island
  • Thai Massage on Koh Tao
  • Private Chartered Speed Boat Tour Of Koh Tao With Snorkeling & Water Sports
  • Sunset Paddle Tour on Koh Samui
  • Zip Lining on Koh Samui
  • Paddle Tour From Railay Beach to Prah Nang Cave
  • Rock Climbing, Cave Exploration & Rappelling on Railay Beach
  • Private Chartered Long Boat Tour of Hong Islands & BBQ Beach Experience
  • Snorkeling at Red Rock on Hong Islands
  • Scooter Tours To Secluded Beaches & Traditional Fishing Village on Koh Lanta
  • Planned Time For Maximum Relaxation on Koh Lanta
  • Guided Nightly Dinners at The Best Restaurants In Every Location (Meal Not Included)

Discounts, Flights, and Dining details can be found on the Flow World Travel page.  Tell them Wave of Wellness sent you :)