4th Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race a Success

It’s amazing to build something from the ground up and watch it grow year to year from the efforts and contributions of many hands. As the old saying goes, “it takes a village to raise a baby” and the Lake Mary Jane Paddle Race is certainly not mine alone – it’s my village’s baby. Yes, there is a lot of asking for help at first, but what’s really cool is to watch a project take off and people want to be part of it – they are drawn to the cause, the fun, the connection, and they offer to give and create. This is real beauty, life substance, and more meaningful than most things I have ever or will ever experience. It is so much more than a paddle race. This year’s event was especially personal with the loss of our friend, Andres Pombo. There was a need to be together, lean on each other, laugh and cry and give our all in his name. This race was for Andres and those mourning him. We prepared, raced and celebrated with his spirit filling our hearts – he gave us strength and he brought us together.

I am very happy with the success of our 4th annual, offering a competitive race for all experience levels, ages and paddle craft, in a fun, spectator and family friendly environment. Our spectator and participant numbers grew with 104 registered athletes, and our Kids Race participation doubled with 16 racers. Through everyone’s efforts we are excited to donate a 3% higher percentage of proceeds - equaling almost 2.5 times more than what we raised and donated last year - to the Special Olympics SUP 305 program in Andres Pombo's name - a program for which he was a coach for years.

How honored I am as a facilitator for this race to experience the overflowing support, generosity and selflessness of my friends (old and new), family, colleagues, volunteers, and paddle community. Together we have nurtured a special event, but more importantly a special bond.  I am proud to know and be part of each and every one of your lives. I humbly thank you from the deepest part of my soul for being there for me and each other.


Mahalo to our Sponsors and Vendors