Happy Mother's Day

Mother's Day means celebrating my mom - the amazing person she is and the life she has given me.  This list can go on and on but to summarize, she has given me unconditional love and support, allowed me freedom to become independent, but also nurtured and guided me to be a strong, passionate, and compassionate woman.  She has been my mentor, teacher, and as I've grown, a real friend.  She is my home base, has an ear when I need to vent, two arms when I need a hug, and her super mom powers see through my own fogginess to lead me to truth.  She is fun and adventurous, has an open mind and a deeply loving heart - and she's passed that down to me - my proudest characteristics. Most of all, she's always put my sister and my needs before her own - and for that I am eternally grateful and hope I can be half the mom that she is someday.  Happy Mother's Day Mom!