Mas Amor Por Favor

"True love is ultimate freedom".

- John Friend, Anusara Yoga founder


Not to be limited to romantic love between two people but extended to all living creatures including loving ourselves. When we strip away ego, ultimately all we want as beings is to love and be loved. However the tricky ego muddles our thoughts and emotions making it difficult to to see others through the eyes of our inherently loving souls and to think, behave, and speak from the depths of our heart, which can only be from a place of true love.

A practice I learned from my Empath Yoga teacher, Erica Boucher, is when in conflict with another, imagine how they would speak to you if they were only coming from their heart, and how you would respond to them if you were only coming from your heart.I found in some cases this is easy, but in others where the anger or pain is so strong it seems impossible to the point of preposterous.But if we return to the simple statement above and wish to experience ultimate freedom in this life, we can release ourselves from the binds of ego by how we react - whether or not the person of conflict changes their own attitude or behavior, the more we open our heart and practice envisioning them from a place of love the more we can lift the foggy veil of our ego and the more at peace we will feel.

My practice and challenge to you is to pick a person with whom you feel conflict (including yourself) and begin viewing them from a place of love, sending them love and softening the energetic space between you.Imagine how they would speak and act towards you if they too were coming from a place of pure love.The more you practice, the more content you’ll feel in your current situation.Eventually, you may be surprised to find that your energetic shift transfers to them and you both may spread your loving wings and fly free.

- Jessica Cichra, Wave of Wellness