Sugar...the not so sweet truth

Something I've always told my personal training clients looking to lose weight - "diet is 80% of the program - let's start with reducing sugar". I literally have to provide a list of foods low in sugar because packaging at the grocery store is so misleading. Clients previously believed they were eating healthy when they grabbed a granola bar as a healthy snack - go try to find a snack bar with less than 12 grams of's ridiculous. And please don't fall in to the "sugar free" trap with carcinogenic & appetite-increasing substitutes like sucralose. Want to know why you are so low on energy & crashing mid day & NEED that red bull?....look at your sugar consumption - start with what you're eating for breakfast. What "looks" to be healthy is most likely not. We have to be an ADVOCATE for our own health - read nutrition labels. Educate yourself. Make the change for you & your family & drop in to your true potential when you look good & feel great!

Written by Jessica Cichra, Owner, Wave of Wellness

This rant inspired by Fed Up - The film the food industry doesn't want you to see. ‪#‎FedUp‬ — NOW PLAYING.

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