The 7th year was the best year ever!

“Last weekend, the 7th Annual 2018 Lake Mary Jane Paddlefest in Orlando, Florida welcomed 132 total registered paddlers from all over the US—including Massachusetts, DC, and Tennessee— to one of the most fun events of the year.

There were a number of events including a 10K and 1 mi Green, the Homies Relay race, a drag race with one paddler pulling another and of course, the Kids Nugget Race where the future of SUP shreds.

There are a few races that nail the community aspect and this sits atop the leaderboard. Every year, they find a way to include everyone, raise awareness and enthusiasm for their causes and still pound out a competitive race with top paddlers… and don’t forget the fun!” - Distressed Mullet.

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2018 Race Features

  • 132 race registrants total = 126 adults + 6 kids.

  • Approximately 225 people in attendance (non sponsors/vendors).

  • 11 vendors, 9 sponsors.

  • Donated to Orlando Surfrider Foundation

Congratulations on a fine event yesterday. The work you and your team (family) put into the planning and production of the Lake Mary Jane Paddlefest culminated in an outstanding event...Everywhere I looked I saw people having a good time, helping each other, encouraging each other and sharing in the joy of the accomplishments of the paddling community....Your event was a joy to attend and ranks in the top five of paddling symposiums, competitions, festivals that I have been involved with or attended over the past thirty plus years.
— Brian Houston. ORPSR (Old Retired Paddlesports Representative)

2018 Race Results & Media

Albert Cichra Builders Mo'Money Drag Race:
1st Seychelle SUP and Eri Tenório

Kids Nugget Race:
1st Porter Twigg, 2nd Emily Moreno, 3rd Felipe Moreno

Tug Life Relay:
1st Maddie Miller & Dylan Geiger

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Save the Date:

8th Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddlefest: September 20-21, 2019

This fest is the most challenging event I facilitate all year. It just has so many moving parts, relies on so many different contributors and factors. It’s a fundraiser, so I have to do a lot of asking. It takes a massive amount of planning, prepping and promoting. I often wonder what I’ve gotten myself into. But then the festival begins. My people arrive. There are smiles, laughter, and hugs. A spirit of selflessness and support. There is competition and camaraderie. Moments of challenge and stress... then accomplishment and relief. There is an undeniable sense of community, of gathering for the greater good, of sharing this breath, this moment, this delight. I look around and see my tribe fully experiencing the nectar of life together. It’s what makes it all worthwhile. And it’s why I’ll be race director again next year. Thank you all for being you.
— Jessica Cichra, Lake Mary Jane Paddlefest Founder/Director