6th Annual Lake Mary Jane Paddle Fest Course Info & Maps

  • 1mi/3mi/6mi/Kids, Tug Life Relay Courses have a Water Start, Beach Finish.
  • Drag Race Sprint has a Water Start, Water Finish.
  • Race course direction and route subject to change according to weather conditions.

Albert Cichra Builder's 6mi "Prize Money" Course &  3mi "Open" Course

Albert Cichra Builder's Drag Race Sprint for Cash

1mi Green Course

Kids "Nugget" & "Tug Life" Relay Course

Race Guidelines

  • Drafting of same gender and board class is allowed. Be fair and take your turn pulling the lead.
  • 5-stroke rule from knees (once fallen, you are allowed 5 strokes from your knees before standing back up). *Safety is our first priority-in the event of inclement weather, paddling from knees is allowed and encouraged.
  • Unsportsmanlike conduct by a competitor will not be tolerated-conduct such as but not limited to: purposely obstructing or interfering with another competitor, causing damage or bodily harm to another competitor, not rounding a mark, not following the proper course, over the start line early, etc.
  • Protests/Violation Claims: Claims must be made within 15 minutes of completing the race. A witness(s) are mandatory to back one’s violation claim for all parties affected. All protest decisions are final upon the committee’s review and the protest committee may rule in favor or overrule the protest.
  • IN SHORT: Please respect your fellow athletes and their gear, race with integrity, and be a positive ambassador for your sport. You will only win by paddling faster.

Tug Life Partner Relay


Racers will partner in CO-ED teams of 2 for this short distance, triangular-shaped course. On lap one, the "Tugger" stand up paddling on a 12'6" race board will tow the "Tuggee" sitting, laying, or kneeling on a 12'6" and under surf/planing board. Once crossing the finish line, the partners switch places for lap two where the Tugger becomes the Tuggee and vice versa.

The team will be attached via surf leash plugged into the tail of the Tugger's race board and bracelet end hand-held by the Tuggee. The Tuggee may NOT help paddle or steer in any way or the team will be disqualified. The team will use the same set of boards for each lap, but the paddlers may use their own paddle when they are the Tugger.